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Harmony MDM Enterprise™ is an open platform, enterprise-level Meter Data Management Software tool that empowers both the utility to manage their water meter assets, analyze water system consumption demand, and when paired with the My Water Advisor portal, enable the consumer to take charge of their conservation efforts. Harmony is compatible with nearly every advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network on the market today and can complement other software systems you may currently be using. Leveraging the Microsoft® Azure™ cloud, Harmony creates an exceptional highly intuitive user experience for managing, reporting, and analyzing data from AMI and mobile data acquisition systems. Harmony is compatible with every billing system on the market and is designed to provide analytics and add value to most Customer Information Systems (CIS), Asset Management, and GIS Software used by today’s water utilities.



My Water Advisor™ is your personal portal for monitoring water consumption, advancing conservation and the stewardship of earth’s most precious resource.

My Water Advisor puts the power behind Harmony MDM into the hands of the utility’s customer. Ratepayers can quickly jump online using the web-enabled portal, or use the My Water Advisor app to access up-to-date hourly usage information, gain insight into their own water usage, and perform comparative usage analysis. MWA empowers a self-serve customer service model for utility customers and helps everyone be their own water manager. My Water Advisor helps stop the endless unexpectedly high month-end bill complaints to City Hall.

Customers can set usage threshold alarms and receive timely leak alerts in the palm of their hands. Conservation begins with information and empowerment. It begins with Master Meter’s My Water Advisor Portal and App.

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The Sonata Residential Ultrasonic is Master Meter’s next step in unifying our ultrasonic solid-state measurement product portfolio. Utilizing advanced ultrasonic flow measurement, the Sonata improves turn-down ratio by 57% compared to traditional residential mechanical meters. The patented construction design of Sonata’s flow tube eliminates obstructions from the center of the pipe, which in turn reduces head loss and potential damage to vital measurement components. Sonata Residential and Octave C&I are the only solid-state meter family provided by one company and built on the same measurement technology platform.

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The Octave Ultrasonic flowmeter masters non-revenue water (NRW) and large usage accountability. With a best-in-class turndown ratio as high as 1000:1, the Octave’s wide flow range is among the highest available for any solid-state C&I meter on the market. With FM Approval available on all sizes, the Octave was designed to be the single meter of choice for all of your C&I metering applications including apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, wellheads, and more.



Are you new to multi-jet measurement? The BLMJ is the standard in multi-jet measurement across North America because of its excellent sensitivity to leaks and microflows, with the ability to measurement flow as low as 1/8 gallon per minute. Our unique measurement chamber design preserves accuracy and is unaffected by common particulates and build-up that would freeze other meter types. Multi-jet is trusted in millions of meter installations for its consistent reliability, long-lasting accuracy, and flexible ease of use.

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Why choose drive-by AMR to read water meters when AMI networks are creating so much buzz? 3G Mobile Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is an ideal system choice to solve the challenge of meter read accuracy, cost-effective meter reading collection, identifying water leak issues, and improving customer service yet without FCC licensing or additional infrastructure. It’s the smart water solution featuring immediate deployment that solves your utility’s challenges today.

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